Welcome to happy bilinguals!

We support your family on your journey to raise multilingual children. We all want our children to be happy and give them the best opportunities and environment to cultivate them.

You are the hero of your family’s bilingual journey. Your family’s bilingual journey is dependent on you.

We will

  • Support you to clearly decide and not look back
  • Provide you with science based and practical information
  • Motivate you to take action and build momentum
  • Remind you about the fun in the journey 😊

Welcome again, it is great to have your family here.

Happy Children

I am Deniz Celiköz

I am the mother of an eight year old trilingual boy (German, Turkish, English), a strategy consultant and a management and personal coach.

It is my passion that the children have a happy childhood and start developing their potential with fun in their early years.

And I believe bilingualism is a good way to achieve it.

We live in Munich in a multicultural environment and know the stories of many other multilingual families. I synthesized my research, discussions with multilinguals, teachers, psychologists, authors and also our own struggles and practical experience of the last 10 years in multilingualism. I want to inspire you and also make you more resourceful on your journey.

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